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  1. I've had my Spider JAM about 3 years. Only used in my clean house away from kids! I go to turn it on one day and the display is just a black rectangle with orange around it. I can't do anything with it because the display is unreadable. A factory reset didn't help. Is there anything I can do to fix it myself or for under $100? If not, anybody need a boat anchor?
  2. Good Answer, Thanks! I like your writing style. That's what I figured. My Spider Jam bit the dust and I was looking for another method to record. I just play for my own sanity now. I have an HD400 but need something to record on. Thanks again and Happy New Year!
  3. I've owned POD 2.0, GuitarPort, RiffWorks 2, POD Pro, POD XT Live, HD400, SpiderJam

  4. I was just about to purchase a SONIC PORT VX. Then I realized I'll be getting an iPhone 7 soon. Since the iPhone 7 doesn't have an AUX JACK how will the SONIC PORT VX work with it?
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