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  1. Hi.. Now that, I've not tried... great suggestion.. I'm glad to hear collaboration with others at setting the volume at about 10 or so for input to an instrument level amp.. which is where I'm finding a transparent level. thanks.
  2. Not sure where to set that large volume knob.. any ideas/information would be appreciated.... Helix is pretty comprehensive.. but seems like there could/should be the ability to check for levels going out of the unit. One main issue for me is wanting to have unity gain from the Helix to the input of my amp (no blocks active) when compared to a straight signal from my guitar. With this, then I could truly set levels on the Blocks to boost or cut gain ( comparatively ).
  3. Tones are nothing we haven't heard before but the cabinet is closed back and is very solidly built.. the 12" speaker is heavy duty and sounds good and holds together well as the volume is increased. Its a good product for sure. The iOS app is excellent and as a bluetooth speaker system it is excellent. Considering the price, it is a great choice if your like me and have no other amp modelers or the like.
  4. Yes. Amp model ---> Ping Pong Delay. Nothing active in front of the amp model…. nothing in-between…. and nothing after the Ping Pong Delay. the Bluetooth Speaker part is really, really good and is worth the price alone in my opinion. But what made me want this was the opportunity to have a stereo amp and all the options through the iOS app which is also really, really good. The amp tones are nothing we haven't heard before in other products but the speaker and amp cabinet in Amplifi is good at providing thickness and depth in my opinion… its a good product. Hopefully someone who has this product will respond with their experience with the stereo effects.. thanks.
  5. I know what your saying.. but what I'm experiencing with Amplifi is that the guitar amp part of this product is currently only using the 12" speaker.. I have the iOS app running ( great!) and just selecting a fender twin amp and a ping pong delay which is the most obvious stereo effect I could think of. Nothing else is active. The amp is not just using anything but the 12" speaker. No stereo effect at all or use of the other stereo speakers … which is very, very disappointing. The advertisement indicates that the "...effects sound great in stereo" but that is not what is currently occurring .. So, I'm writing in hopes that someone else with this product can confirm they are experiencing the same thing… I'm hoping this may be a case where a firmware update is coming to resolve this.. or is this product just mono using it as a guitar amp.
  6. I have the Amplifi 150. I'm not hearing the amp use the stereo speakers for effects, just hearing the guitar use the 12inch speaker. Tried ping pong delay and it's not in stereo... Anyone experiencing something different? Desc. Says stereo effects....
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