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  1. I think I solved it: i was accidentally using a microphone TRS jack cable, instead of regular instrument TS cable. Now output is fine with all instruments.
  2. Yes that's checked. Also, I once calibrated the input level on my Roland Boss GT100. I actually needed to boost the input signal a bit too be in the sweet spot of the GT100 so the output of my pickups can't be that hot. Little more info: - Sonic Port VX does not clip when using my Variax JTV, both in magnetic and variax mode - all my other guitars and my bass are too hot and clip, even with the pickups lower onto the body So, somehow the Sonic port likes to work with the Variax, but not with of my other instruments (with the hottest pickup being the Dimarzio Airzone in 2 of my strats, which is considered a moderate output humbucker). And too complicate matters: the Variax JTV has the thickest gauge strings (.11 - .48 set) with the other instruments being .010-sets.
  3. Hi everyone, I can't seem to figure out how to lower the input volume (for guitar) on my sonic port vx. Just strumming the strings already makes the red LED light up, and in for instance Garageband (both on Mac OS and iPad) the input too signal is too hot. My guitar pickups are actually quite low output (DiMarzio Airzone bridge humbucker and Bill lawrence twin blad single coils). Anyone has a tip how to lower the input level? cheers, Robbert
  4. The blog is actually a pretty neat bit of information. Thanks for pointing me to it: http://blog.line6.com
  5. I am actually not whining about the difference between pre-HD models and HD-models, because honestly I bought my JTV at the day the HD models came out and I did the upgrade almost instantly. (actually because I noticed that a lot of people had trouble accommodating the change in tone, and I didn't want to get used to the 'older' sound, while I could have the newer sound). I am very happy with my JTV - tele, strat and Les Paul sounds are great. Just, the acoustics don't work for me, while I hear very beautiful sounds coming out of them by other players (the Line6 demos and elsewhere on youtube). So maybe it's just their processing that makes it great. On the other hand: i am happy to know that I don't do anything wrong (otherwise someone would've suggested that by now I suppose), and that the GT8 is not the problem (as many examples are with the HD500) I think your last remark covers it - generally it doesn't sit well in the mix, so I might have to juggle a bit more with the EQ in the band and recording situations.
  6. Hi everyone, I might have stumbled on a rookie mistake but: how come my acoustic sounds are so lousy, meaning sounding very boomy, digital and nasal, and not nearly as good as I hear others? My setup is the following: - JTV 89, updated to HD models - using normal Jack-Jack cable to - Boss GT8 On the GT8, I can select (for instance) the Full Range model, which should basically entail the same as plugging straight into a PA (where the GT8 then simply functions as DI) Attached is a short sound sample - First: the JTV89, Acoustic position 5 (Gibson model) straight into the GT8, Full Range model, all EQ at 50%, no other processing than a little bit of hall reverb- - Then: similar, but with the 'Acoustic Processor' of the GT8 engaged. It does get brighter, but it doesn't get much nicer beautiful. In both cases, the acoustic 'feel' is there, especially with single notes, but it doesn't get nearly as realistic as I've heard other people have their JTV sounding (on Youtube for instance, next to the Line6 Demos) What do you think? Is it a cable problem i.e. should I use the VDI cable for acoustic stuff?ps Ps, I had some trouble updating to the HD models, but everything else seems to be fine. Acoustic-JTV-test.mp3
  7. Hi all, Just a quick question. I have a JTV 89. Is it normal to notice latency by switching pickups in Variax mode? I mean: for example if I play a solo, quite often I switch between neck and bridge pickups, within one and the same model such as the Spank. So moving the pickup switch selector from 1 to 5 or vice versa. I do notice quite some lag while doing this, and a drop in sound as well. I do understand that you basically move to a different model on the guitar, so that volume difference probably exist between the different models within one bank. But it would be great if the Variax 'caches' all the models in one bank when you switch to it, so it can switch effortlessly. is this normal behaviour or is there perhaps something wrong? I updated to the 2.0 firmware which by the way sounds very nice. cheers! Robbert
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