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  1. Same issue here... something is not right on the powercab side I think. I have a Helix and that works fine but my axe fx just crackles.
  2. I'm assuming the HX Edit will eventually have some sort of offline mode but yeah that would be nice!
  3. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I appreciate it. I'll still be pushing for line 6 to at the very least release some good schema info on the presets so those of us that want to tinker at least know the boundaries of the format.
  4. Does anyone know what the file size limit is of a preset? Also, for those of you struggling with dealing with json I highly recommend a json utility like "Power JSON Editor". Simple and purpose built for viewing and manipulating this format.
  5. I was curious if there is a developers kit that would allow for interfacing with HX edit. I'm considering writing a librarian utility for my preset management and it would be cool to go the extra mile and be able to integrate with HX edit directly.
  6. I'll add my name to this list... I really hate that there is a specific stomp mode... in the spirit of this unit there should be 2 modes and let the operator decide how to use them. I think this could also easily be solved by allowing a snapshot to be assigned to a foot switch in stomp mode. My ideal setup is locking in snapshots 1-4 on the bottom row and toggling the upper row between the first 4 stomps and the bank listing. I've got it pretty close but I have an extra tap on the bank button. Hopefully we'll see this bubble up in a revision soon.
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