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  1. nothing yet, still try to figure the set up!!! have make any progress ;
  2. yes you are right! in live i play with different rigs as you say! i use this option HD500 INPUT>GUITAR INPUT HD500 OUTPUT>HEAD FX RETURN
  3. disagree my friend, i will respect your opinion, but you try only to misunderstand what i say! i need some help, if you are not able to help me go to your cave with the nature and the beast :P . Always will be someone who want to say anything except the "solution" Peace
  4. I have to chance every week different studios cause i play with 3 bands. My sound, sound like s@@@@ everywhere. As i know the sound in my house (small room) is very different from when i go to rehearsal in studio of curse! Any suggestion where to find good patches for my pod hd500 to feet somehow everywhere? iplay with studio No1. Randall RH150 G3 CA HEAD & Randall RS 412 XC CABINET studio No2. LANEY GUITAR HEAD & BEHRINGER 4X12 GUITAR CABINET studio No3. Marshall AVT150H Tribute HEAD & Marshall AVT-412Α CABINET The music where i play is Doom Death Metal (My dying Bride style) - clean with reverb and delay - distro - solo with reverb and delay Unfortunately i'm new on podhd500 and i never have good sound!!! Maybe is time to start with analog staff ? thank's
  5. Maybe is a solution,yes... but in my case i have to replace the board...
  6. Yes, i believe is the better solution to send it to authorized service...
  7. is working fine now... "damage" 80€ they have to replace the board...
  8. Hello, new are as follows... Since I did not find any solution with different electronic, i decided to go to the only company to have an authorized service. Certainly heard worse in a matter of money and delay in delivery. 16 january gave HD500 and today I got it. They changed my whole board including the usb ... It cost me 80 € Works just fine... P.S. The company did not called me as they told me, they did not informed me that that the price is 80 € to tell them if I want to fix it. After I asked to know why all this delay they told me that the man who repaired the HD500 was fired and became a mess because they could not find out who owns what! :blink:
  9. I have the same problem too man! I haven't fixed my problem yet!
  10. Done! Have to wait now...ΕυχαÏιστω Ïειιιιιι :D
  11. Yeap, other cable, other computer but nothing unfortunately.
  12. Which country ? I havent open any support ticket !!! How it works? Thank you fro the replay...
  13. so i try to see alone from some guides from a friend my multimeter saw 3V and not 5V which is the normal electrical power for the usb! :o :huh:
  14. ok i see!!! so all the fix you make for your hd500 was in line6? or somewhere individual/other person?
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