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  1. Update: i just came back from the store. I've been told that they're going to have the X3 serviced for the next 2 months. Turns out the problem was the motherboard and they're gonna try to contact Line 6 for spare parts. Should things go smoothly, the X3 will be in working condition, and the sale price will be 6000 Philippine Pesos from it's original 23,000. Now that's a good deal, provided that they can repair it. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. Now that's one thing I didn't know about the X3. Darn, i can't wait to go back tomorrow if my class schedule isn't tight
  3. Thanks, Bill! i'm gonna keep my fingers crossed for a functioning X3 and a damn good deal. The XT will be my last resort once i find that the X3's bricked, and the store's other branch doesn't an X3 to spare
  4. I'm thinking of coming back tomorrow to ask some further questions about the store's X3. i'm REALLY hoping that it's just a PSU or a power switch issue. (i'll ask if they can use the PSU of their POD xt)
  5. Hello everyone! Like what the title said, i was thinking of buying a POD X3 as part of my rig for demo recordings (i've heard a lot about the X3 and the POD HD 500 is beyond my reach, budget-wise). Last week, i finally spotted the "kidney bean" model languishing in the bargain corner of a music store near my school. Upon asking about the said X3, the guy managing the store told me that the damned thing us defective. It doesn't turn on. I just want to ask if anyone had an X3 with a defect similar to the one i encountered and if there's a good chance i can have an out-of warranty X3 repaired by someone who can repair multi-effects. i need some advice before i grab my wallet and buy what turned out to be and irreparable multi effects unit.
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