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  1. I've tried going the route of starting a support ticket for the problem I'm having with my PODX3 Live. I registered my PODX3 when I bought it about 10 years ago but that information is no longer in my Line6 account. I don't know where to get the serial number to register it again. Is it on the PODX3 its self or did it come on a card in the box? I can't remember.
  2. jonathanbull

    PODX3 Live no sound

    I don't hear sound from the guitar in my headphones though my PODX3 still works as an audio interface/external sound card. Unfortunately the tuner doesn't even come up no matter how long I hold the Tap footswitch(I think it stopped working a few years ago). I have the guitar input selected for both tones on the PODX3.
  3. jonathanbull

    PODX3 Live no sound

    Unfortunately I'm still having the no sound problem even though I repositioned the Line/Amp switch multiple times. Do you have any other ideas of what it could be?
  4. jonathanbull

    PODX3 Live no sound

    My PODX3 Live doesn't make any sound when I have a guitar plugged in, neither the guitar input nor the aux input produces any sound when a guitar is plugged into it. I've checked the volume on my guitar and the cables(I bought a brand new tested cable just to see). Is there any way around this or has my trusty PODX3 Live finally died?