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  1. it didn't im at a loss here..i can't replicate my tones now if i factory reset my pod. since the effect tweak knob isn't working properly anymore
  2. hi there and good day. i've tried the monkey thingy and the license manager and it just won't reappear. can you kindly give me a step by step on how to do it properly? Thank you so much. and no, it doesn't show 00000000
  3. yes, power pack and fx junkie came with the XT Live. is there any way i can recover it? to make it work again?
  4. NOTE: never have i tried to plug it into a computer. I am also a bit challenged when it comes to software and stuff. i leave it to my friends to fix my pc tbh. So while i was practicing the other day, i noticed that some of my Settings weren't sounding the same... then when i tried to reboot my gear, i noticed that it now shows a message that i have never encountered before standard model set loaded is there any way that i can recover it? since those modpacks originally came with the unit right?
  5. Same problem happened to me last week. i hope they get to fix this.
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