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  1. Hi Thank you ! Sorry but at first time i don no not understand what i can do with this connection - rj 45 ! Yes sure - very simple --- preamp (or audio interface) - PC P.S. I want to register my variax 700 acoustic - but in form i can not find color - BLACK ? Anyone knows abot it ?
  2. Hi ! "Q: What Line 6 interface will I need to connect my compatible Variax instrument to my computer to use Variax Workbench? A: You will need one of the following devices to connect your compatible Variax instrument to your computer: PODxt Live, POD X3 Live/Pro, POD HD500, POD HD Pro,Vetta I (equipped with the VDI interface), Vetta II, or the Workbench USB Interface." Is that only way to connect Variax 700 acoustic to PC (Cubase) with Workbench USB Interface ? May be anyone know other way ! Thanx
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