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  1. I've checked my USB ports, I know they work fine, I've used a large variety of different cables, and downloading those drivers doesn't work either. Sounds like the pedal to me...
  2. Yes, I downloaded and ran Monkey. Several times, downloaded drivers through monkey, and it's still not worked. I like the x3 live, the tone is more natural to me, than the HD500, but by the looks of it, I'm going to get myself a HD500 instead, as this has taken the biscuit. I shall try getting the drivers independently, and using gearbox (which I also have). Am I still able to get those drivers from that link?
  3. I'm new here, and I just bought a line 6 pod x3 live off a friend of my bassists. I've played a few gigs with various tones from the x3 live, and so far, I'm unimpressed. They're nice and customisable, but being in a death metal band, I tend to play much higher gain stuff, and there's nothing really that matches my ideal tone. So today, I've tried various USB cables, and I'm not even getting a found new hardware prompt with my PC. I'm not using a port in the front of my PC either. I downloaded Line 6 Monkey, and went to download the drivers for my x3 live. It installed successfully first time, but when I reopened Monkey, it told me I hadn't downloaded any drivers again. Now all I really want is to download some new patches for different amp models, stompboxes and custom tones, so I can get some really nice tones out of it, that would suit me. So I can see there are various problems ongoing, and would like some suggestions if possible?
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