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  1. Hello, I'm new to the forum and to Line 6 products. I just bought a used DT-25 from GC and would appreciate some assistance regarding the version 2.0 Firmware Update. I also own a HD500X & JTV-69 HSS if that helps with assisting me. I'm really a novice when comes to MIDI, DT-25 & POD HD500X and ask that your assistance be as detailed and complete as possible. I really appreciate it! How/where can I find which firmware version is currently installed in the DT-25? If I am satisfied which amps are assigned to voicings 1-4, do I really need to do this firmware update? Do I need to buy a MIDI to USB cable, and two MIDI cables to do this firmware update (if I find it hasn't been done)? If I do need to buy the cables, where would I find a cheap MIDI to USB (the one I found on Sweetwater is $50!) Is there any other device, cable, etc I also need to buy? In the DT Firmware Installation Guide I find the following confusing... 'Connect your MIDI interface to your computer, and ensure that it functions properly. Then connect your MIDI interface to your DT amp via the two MIDI cables. The MIDI “Out†of your interface should connect to the DT amp’s MIDI “Input,†and the MIDI “Output†of the DT amp should return to the MIDI “Input†jack on your MIDI interface.' The statement above is completely Chinese to me! What is the 'MIDI Interface' (is this another thing I have to buy + the cables)? And how would I connect it to my computer? Thanks in advance for all who assist me. Dr. C
  2. How old was your DT-25 before this happened and how much use/how hard did drive it daily?
  3. OK, so you're saying that the VDI cable with protective ends will fit in the HD500X?
  4. Thanks! A VDI cable came with the JTV-69 when I bought it from Sweetwater.com. Can't wait to get a POD HD500X! I was thinking about also buying the DT-25 amp to have the 'Dream Rig' but I'm on the fence because of the issues voiced in these forums - maybe I'd be better off with a Dr Z 18 to go with HD 500X and my JTV-69...
  5. OK, great! So If I buy the POD HD500X I don't have to worry about batteries dieing out on me because the POD powers the Variax directly and I don't have to purchase the Cable Power Kit if I plan on using a POD for power, only if I run conventional pedals. Right? Thanks Uber Guru for a fast reply!
  6. Thinking about buy a POD HD500X in the near future but I do have a question about it. Will the HD500X 'power' my JTV-69 Variax in a similar manner as Line 6's Variax Cabled Power Kit (charged battery not required)? If the HD500X cannot independently power my JTV, can it be cabled in the path with the Variax Cabled Power Kit? And if so in what position (before or after the POD)?
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