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  1. I figured as much. Thanks guys.
  2. I was just curious to know what settings you guys have used on the HD500X to get a convincing 12 string sound. I've tried YouTube but haven't found it that helpful without the Dream Rig.
  3. Thanks (for the second time today). :)
  4. Thanks. I wasn't even aware that site existed.
  5. Is there any way to turn it off? I find it very distracting. :(
  6. Yeah...the problem is that with different presets, the foot switches are assigned to different effects. For example in my 1A preset, foot switch #4 is a Chorus. But in my 1B preset, switch #4 is a Rotary Drum. I'm really enjoying the HD500X so far but, in my opinion, this is a major design flaw. I'm no computer programmer, but I can't imagine this would be difficult to rectify with some sort of software update.
  7. In Performance View, only the category of the blocks is displayed. This gets confusing if you have several different pedals in the same category in any particular scene...as with the photo below of one of mine. Without memorizing every single preset I've created, I've no way of knowing which of the DIST blocks is the fuzz, which is the Tube Screamer or which is the Tube Driver. Similarly, I don't know which MOD pedal is the chorus and which is the flanger. Does anyone know if there is a software update that will allow the blocks to be named for the exact effects pedal they represent or if this is something that's coming in the future. My apologies if this has been discussed already. I'm very new to this forum. Thanks. :)
  8. Here's my current rig. Just got the HD500X, so I haven't played it in any rehearsals or shows yet. Looking forward to it, though.
  9. Thanks for the replies guys. Wish the expression pedal for use as a volume and/or wah didn't have to chew up a slot, but such is life. Guess I could just hook up an external pedal and save the two slots.
  10. Hello, New to the forum here. I just recently bought a POD HD500X to dip my foot in the whole digital multi effects processor/modeling pool. So far I'm pretty happy but have just begun experimenting. One of the pre-sets I've created is essentially just a collection of stomp boxes that I run through my own amp without adding an amp from the POD itself. For this mode, I'd really love to have the option of eight different effects PLUS a wah and volume pedal. Here's my question: Do I have to assign the wah and volume to 2 of the 8 available effects slots, thus leaving me with only 6 left or is there a way to assign them to the expression pedal some other way? Appreciate any input at all. Thanks.
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