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  1. Again, I apologize for my ignorance, but I just realized theres more to this editing software with your post. That cab/mic modeling I just noticed is in the amps tab correct? I have only been choosing amps and not even considered the cab part. are you saying to leave that space empty if Im plugging the POD directly to an amp?
  2. When you say studio direct out into the effect return, I am completely lost. Again I apologize, I am barely learning to crawl with this new world. The amps at the studio have the huge bottom which I assume is called the Cab? and the head which controls the sound correct? So are you saying I can plug the POD into the CAB alone? and avoid the head?
  3. I recently purchased the HD POD 500x for the sole purpose of using it as a pedal board playing live with a band. Ive been enjoying using the edit software and getting different sounds, but my main concern is what is best for a live sound. I have an epiphone les paul custom pro and NO AMP. I have a 15 watt line 6 amp which is useless for anything past my bedroom. Unfortunately, I dont have money to purchase an amp atm. In the fortunate even that I do, I would like to know what sounds best. (I know the POD can be plugged in to a PA system. ) I recently took it to the studio where I practice which has Marshall Amps and heads, and I got a lot of screeching feedback when plugged in there, I tried standing far away but still couldnt really control my settings how I liked. I put the studio amp settings all mid level and in clean, as to not interrupt the amps and sounds of the POD. Is that how it going to sound live? Should I use the PA system? What sounds best to play with the POD and my guitar? Sorry for the newbie questions, I never thought past a guitar until now that i'm looking to play shows.
  4. I have recently tried downloading them but Im having trouble. what can I do to download l6t or h3e extention patches? Or am I limited to h5e??
  5. I recently purchased an HD POD 500x and have been trying to download patches from customtone.com there are plenty of patches that id love to hear but all i can download are those with the h5e extension i believe anything else for example, l6t, or h3e are all errors. I use the drag and drop method but like mentioned above it only works for the h5e extention. help please? what can I do to download those patches? Or am I limited to h5e patches?
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