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  1. come on l6 pull your head out of your lollipop and let us edit the tone descriptions ffs! lollipop like this is bush league.
  2. yea it was a easy to find setting once you knew where to look but there are no hints as to where or how you would go about changing it in any of the literature i had read about the controller. it works now. thats a lot of hours wasted haha time to make up for it with some guitar dorking now. thanks again man help or not its always good to hash it out with someone , you never know what info you may get out of it right?
  3. oh my effing god.... ok after hours of looking everywhere i find a snippet on a guys blog.. its a setting in the hd pro x itself. jesus.. line 6 i like your gear but you have the worst most convoluted manuals of all time. for future reference , hold view for the set up ui on your hd pro and switch the controller from ABCD mode to FS 5-8 mode. there really should be a better way of conveying that information instead of cross referencing two terrible manuals. regardless , thanks for the help!
  4. yup the fvb shortboard mk2 like on the link you posted. like i said i can get it to do most things i want now except utilize 5-8 as anything but default abcd there are a couple patches where id like to use fs5 and fs6 for additional control but it aint in the cards... yet!
  5. no no i mis typed sorry, its the pod hd pro x i was looking at hd pro vids to see if i could find something similar and totally brain farted there. sorry. to clarify i am using the rack mount hd pro x , and the fbv mk2 . i still havnt found how to get those fs5-8 switches to work for anything but the default settings even after i re assign them to stomp boxes... odd and frustrating. and thanks for pointing out my mistake! that would have got me no where fast.
  6. so today i bought the mkII fbv for my pod hd pro x. first off , i have to say the manual for this product is probably one of the worst ive read since the early akai mpc days... that said i have sussed out most of what i need it to do with a lot of frustration. but i find that i cannot assign fs5 through fs8 to anything and have it work at all. what gives? is there another step? 1-4 work fine but if i want to controll more than 4 effects pedals idividually it seems to be un able to do so? tell me this isnt a design flaw!... anyone have any pointers for me?
  7. just wondering if anyone has monkied around with a decent brownface era bassman tone? that in between stage, not quite tweed not quite mid range hollow black face kinda thing. ive been dicking around with the bf twin model trying to up its content , bringing more mids into it and dorkind around in the deep settings but its just not there yet. anyone else have any tips or stories about trying to achieve something simillar? also line 6 why dont you just damn well model a 6g6 b bassman, i mean cmon! its one of the most glorious amps out there bar none!
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