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  1. Got my Variax today. Plugged it into my HD500X and was somewhat disappointed with the quality of some models. The T-Model, Spank, Lester sound pretty good. The acoustic stuff...well...kinda cheesy. Way not like I heard in the 50 promotional videos I watched. So it's entirely possible that the problem is mine. My 500X goes out to a low end Acoustic amplifier whereas it seems most of the promo videos had it going out to a DT amp. I went to Guitar Center and tried a Standard straight into a tube amp. It sounded better but not as expected. Could be some setup issues but don't think that explains everything. So barring the DT amp, what's a good setup? Most posts I've seen indicate folks happy with the sound. Comments?
  2. Sorry. I mispoke. It was not a TRS cord. It was a standard TS cord...the normal 1/4" mono phone plug.
  3. The AT200 is similar to the Line 6. It has a TRS connection as well as proprietary multi-pin connector the goes to an external adapter. The connection I used to run to the POD was the standard TRS.
  4. That's the million dollar question (or the several hundred dollar question). Why would the Peavey not work with the POD. Any ideas? Is it possible that whatever caused the Peavey to fail could cause the Variax to fail? I don't know to much about sampling instruments.
  5. A couple years ago I bought a Peavey AT-200 Autotune. I used it with my POD HD500 and after just a few minutes the electronic features of the guitar stopped working (I mean no signal at all when features were engaged). I sent the guitar back and got another thinking maybe it was bad out the box. I called Peavey and was told there should be no compatibility issues with the POD. I got the new one, plugged it directly in to an amp to start with and everything was fine. Ran it through my POD and the same failure occurred. Sent the ax back for a refund. Now I'm thinking of getting the Variax JVT-69. Before I do I thought I'd throw it out here to see if anybody has had any issues or some advice on what to be alert to. Since both products come from Line 6 I am not anticipating a problem but need some reassurance. Any comments? Djams
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