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  1. Sorry for the double post, but just came across this as well: http://www.roland.com/products/en/CUBE_Lite/ . Seems pretty well-suited for my purpose, and it only weighs 1.7kg. Costs slightly more than than the Micro Cube GX though. Anyway thanks for everything guys, I've got quite a few options now, so I'm sure I'll find something that works well for me.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated. The main issue with studio monitors for me is portability, as I doubt I'd be able to fit them into my suitcase, and they'd take up quite a bit of weight. The reason why I was hestitant with headphones is also partially because everyone seems to have mixed experiences with them, regardless of impedance. With that said, the vox and roland amps do seem like good options. I'll look into those.
  3. Hi everyone, I've got a Pod HD500X that I've been using with a Laney solid state amp on the clean channel for a few months now and this set-up has been pretty great for me. However, I'll be going to university in a different country soon. I was thinking of purchasing cheap (and small) PC speakers to use in the dorm room, but thus far the headphones out on the Pod has sounded pretty bad to me. The sound has mostly been kind of fuzzy with little clarity. I've used a 1/4 inch to 3.5mm converter with my Shure SE215 earphones whenever I've tried the headphones out. I have a cheap-looking speaker that I got for free which when plugged in sounds quite bad as well. So my question is, what are some good options for PC speakers to use with the POD HD500X, and how is everyone's experience with PC speakers with the POD HD series ? I was looking at something like this: http://www.x-mini.com/product/x-mini-max-ii-capsule-speakers. I did get a decent sound when I plugged my earphones into the unbalanced out, with the 1/4 out set to line, and output mode set to Studio/Direct, so should I be using that instead of the headphones out? I understand that headphones are a viable option for me as well, but I would prefer to hear the sound from speakers instead. I would also prefer not to purchase a cheap/second-hand amp once I've arrived at university due to portability issues. Most of the information that I found from my research was regarding headphones and studio monitors, not much to do with PC speakers. TL;DR: I need recommendations for speakers to use my Pod HD500X with. Thanks in advance!
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