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  1. My 150 has all four lights solid not blinking...And it will not UPDATE..keeps asking me to try new USB is it connected? etc...Sure its connected and works on all other devices that use the same USB setup. So, I tried different USB connections no good. I tried to reconnect with BLUE Tooth...NO GOOD. So, I asked for help from Line 6. they gave me a program to find a repair shop...guess what? Not one out of the 5 within 200 miles can FIX this problem! They are suppose to be qualifued repiar shops and they dont have a clue to this problem. BUT, ONE said he knew he could fix it..for $100 dollars! I asked how do they go about fixing it? RELOAD the thing! Just like Ive been trying for days////AND if they cant fix it? Im still out the $100 bucks... GREAT
  2. Same as mine...Seems anyone updating their amps getts the same response? Ive been contacting Line 6 since it began and I TRIED Everything they said including a new computer to update my amp. STILL the SOLID...not FLASHING Lights on the AMPs ABCD.....NOT FLASHING SOLID LIT.... DOES THAT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCES THAT THEY ARE NOT FLASHING??????????
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