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  1. I have an X2 wireless and it works but I stopped using it years ago because the signal level is significantly lower than when I go direct. This seriously colors the sound making it unusable. Anybody know why the signal is lower than when Id go direct to my amp? Is there a fix?
  2. I tried both my cables and jiggled them around for any short. Nothing! Dang it - I think its heat.
  3. I used the stock cables and replaced the ends when they broke. Strange thing is I can't duplicate the problem in my studio. Yesterday I played long and loud to trigger problem and of course, the amp worked perfectly.
  4. You think it may be the cable (vs the footswitch)?
  5. Hi Joey, Thanks for the info. Interesting. It is a possibility that its the footswitch (this is a replacement one, my first died) but the power only shuts off in a gig setting and usually after its been used for a while - 2nd or 3rd set. I have been pretty happy with the sound of the amp and I usually mike it to get out into the crowd. The versitility in the sounds and having consistent settings makes like easy. I also like the combination of weight/price/size. Maybe the places you play are a lot bigger than what we play? Here are typical settings on a patch - this one is one of my harder rock patches: OCompressor set to boost the volume by +7-9db with a threshold of -10 (not extreme). On output levels I have the guitar set to 75% - or less - and I often play with my guitars at 70%-80% of max volume. Overall volume 40-50%. Screamer stomp with a drive of 60%, gain of 25%, tone 64%. My amp is set to 1192 Brit Gain J-900 Dist. Drive 63%, Bass 75%, mid 82%, treble 72%, presence 38%, volume 51%. No EQ and optional chorus, and delay, off by default.
  6. I have a similar issue. I use the app for gigs, I keep the volume at 40%-50%. The amp works fine for a while 1-2 hours). But more and more frequently when I want to boost my volume for a solo the amp dies and I have to turn it off and on again. I boost my volume to solo by hitting the function switch which controls the compressor. I have the compressor set to boos the volume by +9db with a threshold of -10 (not extreme). It - to date - ONLy shuts off when I boost it with the compressor. On output levels I have the guitar set to 75% - or less and i often play with my strat at 70%-80% of max volume. Is it my patches? They are not extreme, clean, blues, rock. Any help appreciated.
  7. I am also having this issue - or something similar. When playing - at about 1/2 volume, the amp would seem to shutdown. Turning it off and on would bring it back. I have a hunch its a preset, maybe I am over compressing too much when I go to a solo volume. Have to check my presets and see if that fixes. Its very intermittent and does seem like the amp may be overheating or protecting itself. Anyone have a thought?
  8. I have been gigging with this amp (the 150) for a few years and overall I have been very happy. The sound is not as good as my old tube amps BUT the sounds are reliable, there are no expensive tubes to replace and it weighs sooo much less. Had an issue lately where sometimes the amp would cut out - forcing me to turn it on & off. I think it has something to do with one of my patches. But for the cost and ease. I have been happy (and so has my band).
  9. I recently bought the Amplify 150 with the FBV Shortboard MKII. It lets me store presets in multiple banks (way more than I need). One major glitch I found is with the stomp and function petal. For example if I set preset 1 with modulation, stomp or function 1 off, and preset 2 with a new sound and those items on, when I toggle between 1 & 2 the sound changes but the modulation, stomp or function 1, stay on. I have to turn them off manually. If I have two presets where those are both off they stay off. Anyone else having this problem or know the fix? Is it a software bug?
  10. Tried updating the firmware on my Amplify 150. Message said update failed. Now device is blinking and unresponsive Any ideas?
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