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  1. Ty! My next step was that! I was hoping there was a way to wire the helix Lt and do it all from within, but your way is probably better- direct path to the daw
  2. OK so here is my question for the thread. I use logic Pro X, scarlet 18i8 as the interface, and pre-Sonus HP 4 so that my band can listen with headphones. We use a Roland TD 25 electronic drum set and superior Drummer 3. My question is how do I send a dry signal from the helix LT to the DAW, so that it is editable later, but also so that I can use the processed signal for playing with the band where we can all listen at the same time, And I can retain the benefit of using all the different processed sounds so that we can get the right feel while we’re recording the music. I have seen so many videos about reamping, but they all involve using the helix as the interface. I do not want to do that because then I lose the output signal and the only one that can hear it is me through the helix, thank you in advance everybody
  3. Thank you !! I’m actually new, just got it Saturday, so I don’t have older presets. It arrives with 3.11 firmware updates, and the presets were great- I started using, then deleted overwrote and lost a couple, so… I did factory reset, amd all of the presets changed positions, and were different models, like dimebag Darrel, pull me under- I guess dream theater. I prefer what it was when it arrived. After much digging, Sweetwater didn’t update the presets, I didn’t back up, so I lost the ones I started with. Finally, Line 6 emailed me the factory 1 and 2 presets from 2.71. I can just load them up into the user bank. Ty so much for the input. I’ll be back…
  4. Does someone’s have the factory 1 and 2 presets from V 2.71?
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