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  1. Good call! In retrospect, I did not check this unit with different mics. However, at your prompting, I could determine that there is never hum without the mic. AND that with a different mic there is no hum. The hum does definitely appear intermittently with the original mic. Ergo...a mic problem. Thanks. Roy
  2. I brought this unit home for further testing. The first time I connected and powered on at home there was hum, but less than at the school. It seemed to be most prominent near the receiver and mixer. The second and third time I have powered on at home, the hum is gone. Don't know why, but if it stays away, I shall be perfectly content.
  3. Thank you for the prompt reply. This is the same school, yes. It was in the process of testing the 12 purchased units, 6 of each, that I found the problems, one with each model. The hum remained no matter the channel. Handling did not change it.
  4. I helped a school to purchase 6 XD-V55L units. Five of them check out great, with good, clear sound. The 6th unit sends a hum, along with the signal from the mic. I tried it with different mics and different receivers. Any ideas? Thanks, Roy
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