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  1. I agree with you on the Vox AC30 for dirt tones. I use it almost exclusively for everything from Jason Aldean to Matthew West to Coldplay. I have one base AC30 patch where the overdrive is so creamy it almost sounds clean.
  2. I think the only way to connect to the Spider is through the front 1/4" input or through the effects loop.
  3. The amp definitely seems punchier with the master on the DT up above 50%, and using the master on the POD to control output. Could be my imagination though. What I do know is this combo (POD 500x/DT25) sounds better the more I play with it. Also plugged straight into the amp this afternoon (first time... have had it for almost a week), and it sounds sweet on it's own too. Great job, Line 6!
  4. I just updated the firmware on my HD 500x last night and played with it some tonight. I'm running it via L6 link into a DT25. I mainly use the "American Clean" setting and have to have the "master" volume on the amp set really low. Tonight, I set the "master" volume on the DT to about 50%, and used the "master" volume on the POD, to control the leveI. Might just be me, but I noticed enough of a warming effect on the overall tone, that I might have to re-EQ my patches... especially the dirty patches. All playing was done a relatively low volume, until tomorrow morning when the wife and kids will be gone for about an hour and I can crank it up a little bit.
  5. Just got a DT25 and an HD500x, and loving the whole bit about figuring everything out, and the versatility in tonal options. Seems like a really powerful system so far. Wondering, since the tubes in the DT25 are relatively cheap, is a tube upgrade (maybe to Groove Tubes or something similar) a worthwhile investment? Anyone done it, and what's the result? My worship leader likes a really creamy distortion tone (almost a clean sound... think of some of Edge's high gain tones). I've gotten close already with the DT/500x stock, but if there is enough of a benefit - more smoothness/creaminess - I'd consider doing it now instead of when a tube blows. Here's my gear: DT25 HD500x Charvel 2013 San Dimas Style 1 Fender American Deluxe Strat Thanks!
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