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  1. All Line 6 offers for Amplifi 150 is a pilot's guide. Users who have been linked to a full fledged user guide are completely tricked. There is none. Line 6, with all of its brilliance, seems completely tone deaf and uncaring for this lack of information. Go back to the Spyder Mark II. Lots of manuals and supporting docs. Is anyone at Line 6 even there, or are there only robots?
  2. I just bought this particular used Spider Mark I and I must say it is quite something. However, the presets present an issue because there are so many of them and there is no way to know what they really are other than going through each, one by one, and taking notes. Not exactly user friendly. Has anyone compiled a listed of these things? Fender puts out lots of supporting docs for their Mustang and GDEC amps that spell out things like all the band presets, what band did them, what key they are in, what amp and fx settings are for each, etc.
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