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  1. Hello, My Mac says that Spider IV Line Edit is currently not up to date. I have the latest version installed which is 1.05.0 and running on my Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6 I am just worried that with a new OS coming out soon, is Spider IV Line Edit going to continue to be compatible? I love my Spider IV 75 and don't want to lose the function of controlling and editing it. Thank you for your time.......Brad
  2. Hello, I am in the same boat. I wish there was an "easy" manual or tutorial that showed how to use the MkII. I am not sure what ever button does or how it works. Thanks as well for any answers..... All the best, Brad
  3. Hello, I visited the page "http://line6.com/spideriv/sounds75.html" and see some tones I would love to have. How do you download these? I looked in the Custom Tone Page and could not find them and they are not listed under the Spider IV preset list. For example, I would love to download the "Insane Green Pitch" and the "Metal Red Phaser Delay". Are these available and if so, how to get get them or download them? Thank you for your time, Brad
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