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  1. Before we all get excited, I think ejingus is absolutely right! THE APP DOESN'T WORK! Have installed on both iphone and ipad. Bluetooth connection is fine and stable. Plays music library fine. Accesses the tone library and displays - but if you select one, or edit any aspect of the settings, it makes absolutely no difference to what is played through the guitar.
  2. This whole situation is ridiculous! I purchased a 150 last week from a local distributor. No mention of any problems. Registered the device with the Line 6 website - again, no warning to avoid upgrading to IOS9. System didn't work for reasons I now know. But the response from Line 6 has been hopeless and I now understand from a US user in the same position that it might be months before the resources are available to develop a new app. It would seem sensible therefore for Line 6 to withdraw from sale all products where such a situation exists. It's not as if the app was a "nice to have". It's an essential component of the product offering and people will have made purchasing decisions based on the app working as advertised. At the very least, we should demand a comprehensive update from Line 6. Their current stance is arrogant in the extreme!
  3. I'm in the same boat! Why didn't the retailer tell me there was a problem?
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