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  1. usb connected, got the right software (gearbox / ableton) and drivers, speakers and headphone working. I have already connected the guitar and mic, great stuff... But the keyboard itself produces no sound. So, do I need a second cable to connect it to the computer? Or how should the set up be?
  2. My KB37 keyboard (still) produces no sound, when connected to the pc. I've used a usb cable to plug it in. Do I need another cable to connect KB37 and computer in order to make the keyboard connect too? Maybe through the SPDIF-out? If thats the case, what kind of cable do I need....?
  3. just purchased a used Pod Studio KB37. Downloaded Gearbox and the latest drivers, everything works wel. Can plug my guitar in and play. But, the keyboard produces not a single sound. I have a Windows 7 pc. No idea how to fix this problem...
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