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  1. Brilliiant, I'll order one later then, thank you!
  2. Hey everyone, does the HD Pro work with Mavericks properly yet on USB? I keep seeing a lot of problems regarding it not being recognised on the USB?
  3. Matchoo93

    Pod X3 Pro

    Does the HD Pro still work with Mavericks/Yosemite? I understand that it is a newer model?
  4. Matchoo93

    Pod X3 Pro

    Hey everyone, I have the chance to buy a Pod X3 Pro, for demoing purposes only. I've saw that a lot of people have been having problems with using it via USB on Mavericks and above, so I ask, have the issues been fixed? Can I record direct to Logic X on Mavericks using only the USB? Also, I've noticed that people have issues with wet/dry outputs, what's the difference with these? Just the effects or DI? I've been messed around on eBay with an XT Pro with a faulty USB, which from what I've researched, doesn't work on OS X Mavericks anyway. Any help?
  5. Hello, I've just purchased a Pod XT Pro and I cannot get it to be seen by my Mac. I've installed the new drivers over and over again but it just fails to see it, and it says the drivers are missing? I've also gone through this forum to find loads of people having problems with this, with no answer. Also, most of them mention gear box, which I cannot download due to using Mavericks. I've even followed someone's "Best Answer" on here and that did nothing at all. What's going on?
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