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  1. I just noticed that Mission has a specific Helix Expression Pedal. https://missionengineering.com/shop-2/products/expression/specific-use-exp/sp1-l6h/ My Expression Pedal has a 100K Linear Pot, and a Latching Switch. The Helix Expression Pedal has a 10K Linear Pot and a Momentary Switch. Guess I should pick one up and see if it works like I want it to. Does anyone here have experience with the Mission/Helix Expression Pedal and toggling between the Volume Pedal and Wah Pedal with the Toe Switch?
  2. I have a Helix Floor. I have the built in Expression Pedal set up to toggle between Wah and Volume when I press the Toe Switch. I also have a Helix Rack (thank you my lovely wife for the Christmas present!) and Floor Control. I have a Mission Expression Pedal with Toe Switch that I plugged into EXP 1 and Toe Switch on the Floor Controller. I was wondering why it didn't work like the Helix Floor's Expression Pedal........ Then, the little candle came on over my head......Helix Floor's Expression Pedal is set up as Expression 2 when the Toe Switch is pressed....... Is there any way with the Helix Rack to use a single Expression Pedal in the same way as I have the Helix Floor set up? Also, from what I have read, there is no way to calibrate the external Expression Pedal. Is this still true with Firmware 2.71? Any help will be eternally appreciated.
  3. If you change V1 plate resistor from 47K 1 watt to 59K or even 100K, you would be amazed at how much gain it has! There is a little bit of added noise if you go too high, and the lead channels are a bit noisier with OD pedals in front, but WOW! I have a TBR-1SL, S-120 2x12, Fandango 2x12, Venus 6 1x12, KR55, and an M60 2x10. That's a lot of Rivera amps for a Mesa tech..... I didn't get along very well with the Tre. I think the clean just isn't as good as the other amps. I gotta try the Helix with my S-120, but it is sounding so good with the TBR that I don't want to unplug it! I'm pretty sure that I got most of my noise issues worked out. I had to crank the Send on my amp and set the Output to my amp to Line instead of Instrument. Probably because the TBR has an input compensation circuit that is basically a boost pedal. Anyway....thank you guys! I would still like to know if the XLR Outs could be used as Humbuster. XLR to TS. Might have to just experiment a little bit tomorrow!
  4. Thanks! I had a KR100, great amp, should be called, "The Loudest Amp On the Planet!" I have a KR55 now, but it has some internal noise issues. Lots of hiss at idle. I'm an amp tech and it's been driving me nuts for months, I just can't narrow it down. The TBR is basically channels 1 & 2 of your amp. It's not super high gain, but it does get crunchy. I have always used the Send and Return knobs in tandem with my Rivera amps. If the Return was on 4, then the Send was on 4. I don't know why I never thought about signal to noise ratio, but I discovered this week that if I keep my Send on 7 and just use the Returns as the overall master volume there is much less noise. I have a TC Sentry that I might try in front of the amp, but I hate the idea of using more external devices than I already do.
  5. Even with the Ebtech Hum Isolator, I still have a fair amount of extra hiss and a slight hum. It is definitely not a deal breaker, but I would like to eventually record this setup and would like to eliminate as much noise as possible. So.....here are my questions: Question 1: All of the YouTube videos and threads on this forum mention using a Block for Send & Return to my amp instead of using Path 1A Send/Path 2A Input. I have a noticeably higher amount of hiss if I use a Block to Send/Return to my amp vs. using Path 1A Send/Path 2A Input. Is there a better way to do this that might be even more quiet? Question 2: Is there a Noise Gate Block, or are the only Noise Gates on the Inputs of Paths 1&2A? The Noise Gate on Path 2A Input kills the remainder of my hum and some of the hiss, but it definitely kills my sustain as well. Especially on Clean sounds. Is there a better Noise Gate built into the Helix? Question 3: Humbusters - Sort of...... I get it that the Humbuster thing is looked down upon on by some, but it really works for the Fractal stuff. Given that the XLR Outputs are "Balanced," can I use XLR to TS cables in a Humbuster configuration to eliminate even more noise? I have tried a 2nd Ebtech unit on the Returns of the amp. This did not change the noise at all. Question 4: Effects Blocks that are inserted into my amp's Loop all create more hum, hiss, or noise (depending on what Effect is used). For instance, Ducking Delay produces a higher amount of hiss and hum when engaged. All Effect Levels are currently set at their default 0.0db setting. Is there anything that can be done about this? So far, I am very impressed with the Helix! It is far easier to program from the unit itself than any Fractal product I have used. The only thing that I have that is as easy to program (from the unit) are my trusty old Digitech GSP1101's. Helix is definitely much more user friendly and better sounding than my old HD500X was as well! I just need a little bit of direction on how to get rid of the remainder of my noise...... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I apologize if this topic has been beaten to death already, but I was unable to find exactly what I need to know through a search. I'm going to apologize for the length of this as well....... I just got a Helix. I've been using Fractal stuff for a while and wanted something that is easier to make changes to on the fly. Years ago, I had an HD500X. It didn't quite do what I wanted it to, so I moved to an FX-8. I am using my trusty old Rivera TBR-1SL stereo tube amp with my Helix. The amp is old (1990 or so) and has a little bit of built in hiss, but when I use the Helix, the hiss is exaggerated a bit and there is some hum that was not there with the FX-8. Here is my setup: Guitar --> Helix Input Helix Send 1 --> Ebtech Hum Eliminator (Channel 1) Ebtech --> Amp Input Amp Send --> Ebtech (Channel 2) Ebtech --> Helix Return 1 Helix 1/4" Outs --> Amp Return A & B (stereo amp) Here is my Signal Chain in Helix: Guitar --> Input Block Input Block --> Wah (Expression 2)(default position is OFF) Wah --> Minotaur (default position is OFF) Minotaur --> Volume Pedal (Expression 1) Volume Pedal --> Path 1A Output (Set to Send 1/2)(this is where my amp is inserted) Return 1 --> Path 2A Input (Set to Return 1) Path 2A Input --> 63 Spring Reverb (only ON for Clean Snapshots) 63 Spring Reverb --> Stereo Ducking Delay (only ON for Ambient or Lead Snapshots) Delay --> 1/4" Outputs Volume Knob is set to XLR Only - This was quite a tone sucker when set to 1/4" Outputs. Amp Switching is done via Midi, using an RJM Switch Gizmo.
  7. Monsta-Tone

    Helix FAQ

    That's a good idea! How many footswitches would we be able to assign the Mix to? I'm guessing only one? If there was a way to eliminate the loss of sound and have delay trails between presets/patches, none of this would matter.
  8. Monsta-Tone

    Helix FAQ

    Thank you. I will keep my eyes on the Helix. When this function is added, I'll definitely be getting one! It seems to have everything else I need. On the other hand.....if the M13 had more midi capability, it would almost be perfect for me. I like my HD500X, but it's a little more than I'll ever use. I do really like the midi functions on it though! Thanks again, and have a great day!
  9. Monsta-Tone

    Helix FAQ

    Thank you Line 6 for listening to your customers. It's really rare these days. Try getting TC Electronic to update the midi functions on anything....... That being said, I wouldn't even consider buying another Line 6 product until my question is answered. At some point, preferably sooner rather than later, will either the Helix or the HD500X be able to have discreet on/off functionality for individual effects? I play live mostly. The ability to turn a Chorus on with FS1, and then turn the Chorus off with FS2 would make it all worth it for me! This question has been asked by myself and others repeatedly, and not answered. I don't really care about recording, amp mods, etc. at this point. If I can do the following, I will buy a Helix. If not, I will keep looking. FS1 - My amp's clean channel with Chorus & Ducking Delay FS2 - My amp's clean channel with no FX (all FX turn off when FS2 is pressed) FS3 - My amp's dirty channel with no FX FS4 - My amp's dirty channel & lead boost with Delay It's as simple as that for me. I can use the other row of buttons to turn individual FX on or off as I need them. I will be using midi out to a Voodoo Lab Control Switcher to control my amp. Thanks! I do really appreciate everything you've done. I just need to make sure the Helix will work for me.
  10. Monsta-Tone

    Helix FAQ

    Not sure if this was answered yet, but I'm very interested in exactly this: I use my HD500x like a pedalboard. I don't use the amp mods, not that they are bad, I just really like my Rivera. I would like to be able to use Scenes (for lack of a better word) such as: FS1 - amp clean channel, ducking delay, chorus FS2 - amp clean channel, ducking delay off, chorus off, tube screamer on FS3 - amp dirty channel, no FX FS4 - amp dirty channel, amp lead boost, ping pong delay I would like to turn individual FX off when pressing one of the FS1-FS4 buttons. Sort of like having presets within a preset. This would make the Helix the best thing on the market for me and eliminate the need for seamless patch changes!
  11. What can I say......There are many things that the HD is good at, and many things that it is not. Half the time I want to just give it away, the other half I actually feel inspired.
  12. Help me vote for it! http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/HD500X-Looper-Idea/754449-23508?submitted=1
  13. Thanks guys! I'll submit it right now! I gotta admit, the Helix is making me think about selling the HD......
  14. Is it possible to set the HD500X so that when it is in Looper mode the following happens: Bottom row of buttons works as it normally does in Looper mode Top row of buttons remains available to change FX states or send midi commands I am thinking that it would be much more versatile if I could change my tone in an easier fashion while in the Looper mode so that I can keep making layers of loops with different tones. If FS1 through FS4 were available, instead of just FS4, I could easily change amp channels on my Rivera, add Chorus, etc..
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