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  1. I tried the above mentioned steps and have not alleviated the problem any further without degradation of gain (FX1) effects. If I really clamp the noise gate threshold down on the signal to minimize the problem, It really sounds like it starts cutting into the gain (FX1). It seems the problem stems mostly from adding (FX1) gain effects to the signal path. I'm thinking this just may be an unfortunate characteristic of the amp.
  2. Hello there... I'm having the exact same problem you've described and shown in your posted video. All my Firmware has been updated to the latest versions on both amp and footpedal. Like "jjack972", I have been adjusting the Noise Gate settings in an attempt to resolve this problem, with at least some improvement of the original condition, but it seems there is still some noticeable - I would describe it as a decaying drum cymbal like sound after silencing the guitar strings, particularly with mid to high gain ( FX1) settings. I'm going to keep trying different noise gate settings adjustments, and also am going to switch to a Furman EMI/RFI/Surge (SS-6B) strip from a standard generic surge protector to see if that helps the problem. I'll let you know if any of that helps.
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