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  1. Ouch! That sucks. So anyone got a solution to this yet? I'm going to be sending my guitar to the servicer very soon. I will request them to confirm that they can reproduce the problem I am having with it and for them not to return it until it is actually fixed and working as intended.
  2. Ok, someone else was posting that they put some felt under the string and it removed the issue. I think they were saying that the string was vibrating against the cradle for the piezo. Some have even filed this cradle down so that the string does not vibrate against it with good results. I don't have any felt so I folded some thin packaging foam sheet and cut a strip. I placed it under the string and it did nothing at all. No improvement. I would upload a photo if someone can tell me how to. On closer inspection the string doesn't seem to be vibrating against the piezo cradle at all any way but I still have the horrible overtone on the lowest string even when trying to space it out from the cradle. So far I have figured out that the issue is not with the cradle of the piezo. I'm still guessing it is the actual piezo itself or something leading from there.
  3. Good news!! I just heard back from Greasygroove and they do in fact have a dimension file for the JTV69 HSS. Woohoo. Now I can place an order and I should have my sexy new cream pearloid pickguard for my JTV69 HSS. Anyone else keen on blinging out their JTV69 you can check them out here: http://www.greasygroove.com/
  4. For the record here's my guitar doing the same thing. https://soundcloud.com/antconnelly/variax-wtf-overtones-on-lowest-string
  5. Good on you for posting. Hopefully this will set the record straight that this is not an imagined issue or something like burs on the nut. This is an issue with the electronics. In any case it shouldn't be happening. It will put prospective buyers off from purchasing a Variax which would be an amazing tool if it did not have this fault. If it were an issue with the firmware then every single variax running the same firmware would have the same problem but it seems that most people don't have this problem but many do.
  6. After looking over my emails I noticed that I had already emailed Greasygroove but they have not responded to my email. hmmm.... Rather than going through the dramas of pulling off my pickguard, tracing it and sending it to america I'm wondering if anyone wants to go middleman on this for me? It seems this item already exists http://www.fullcompa...-6-30-27-0380-6 and it'd be great if I could just get it sent over rather than getting something custom made up but they won't ship to Australia (I even bugged them and asked pretty please). I'd be happy to pay someone via paypal to order/purchase the item and then forward it over to me here in Australia. I'd really appreciate the help. Any takers? Thanks in advance guys. Ant.
  7. Yeah I have seen a couple of places online that do cut custom pickguards. I was hoping to not have to send a tracing so this might be good. The only thing is that my JTV69 is HSS. But I will get in touch with greasy groove. Thanks.
  8. I'm an endorsee so I spoke to the tech here and he said to send it up. He's going to have a look. The trouble is that I have an industry showcase to play in a couple of weeks and I can't afford to not have the guitar with me for that, even with the horrible overtone. I told him about the forum thread that has been discussing this so hopefully he has a heads up on the process of elimination of what is definitely not causing it.
  9. I have seen some people talking about pimping out their JTVs. I wanna put a cream pearloid scratch plate on my JTV 69 HSS. I found this Full Compass site that has some on there but they won't ship it to me in Australia. Grrrrr http://www.fullcompass.com/prod/268483-Line-6-30-27-0380-6 Does anyone else know of anybody who makes them? Thanks guys.
  10. More of the same. I just had it serviced by authorised technicians. They replaced the nut. I just double checked it. No burs, nothing. That is not the issue The set up is fine! Again work done by authorised servicers. Magnetic pickup height is normal and not an issue. There seems to be no loose hardware. This is localised to only the one string which would indicate that there is something wrong with the piezo. That makes way more sense than burs fret buzz etc.This issue is present on all other models. The Spank and T.model mask it somewhat better because they are particularly twangy anyway but the problem exists on all models.
  11. Ok, well that's nice but nothing you have said has offered any assistance or shed any further light on the issue. There is clearly something wrong with some of these guitars and it is not good enough for users to keep sending them away for servicing only to have them come back with the problem persisting and telling the user that there is nothing wrong with it. Clearly that is going nowhere and achieving nothing, wasting people's time and pissing people off. Do Line6 take this issue seriously or not? If they do then why have they not figured out definitively what is actually happening to cause this? The thread that I linked to was started in 2014 and has continued up until the present for the fact that that the problem hasn't been resolved or even properly acknowledged. Some people are having to put felt under the string to try to stop the gnarly overtone and some are experimenting with gluing down their piezos with limited or inconsistent results. If people are having to experiment as such just to get the guitar to work as intended then clearly there is something fundamentally wrong with the product. I appreciate you are on limited time due to the nature of your work but this issue requires further attention as it has not been rectified. I suggest you look over the thread again and try and pick up where you left off because it does seem as if this issue has been abandoned. Thank you, Ant.
  12. Psarkissian: Here is the thread which has 227 replies. Why wouldn't you mention that others have complained of the exact same thing? Weird... http://line6.com/support/topic/6764-do-you-have-the-same-problem-with-6th-string/
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