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  1. Is it possible to get an unprocessed signal out of the HD500X USB port? I'm thinking about purchasing the HD500X, but I still have Amplitube 3 on my Mac and would still like to use it. If at all possible I would like to get a clean signal out of the USB port to feed into Amplitube 3 I have been looking at the Fender Mustang Floor and to get a clean signal out of USB you choose the pre-amp only as your amp. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the info. That is what i was gathering from reading the posts. I think I'll go with a mixer/preamp. Been looking at the Behringer line. Don't want to spend a fortune. Any suggestions? Thanks again!
  3. Just want to confirm that the XLR outputs on the HD500X are not line level and that is the reason my JBL Studio Monitors volume is low when using XLR connectors. It seems from reading he posts this is a correct assumption. I have my Monitors set to max level, as well as the HD500X. The solution seems to be to use the 1/4" outputs? Or a mixer between the HD500X and the Monitors. Thanks in advance
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