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  1. Have a spider IV. At each and every string attack, it cuts out and fades back in as the note softens. Almost like a gate. If I turn the instrument vol. way down, problem stops, but that's no good. Anyone???
  2. I'm SO PISSED. I have a show in an hour and this lollipop thing is all "oh update" BUT IT WONT. lollipop!!!!!!!!!!!!. ugh.

  3. thanks for the reply. have to figure out how to update the firmware. I've used the samsung pad AND an android phone. the phone worked better, but it still wont take input on the fly. and what about the other things like slowing things down and adjusting the pitch? Thanks for your input
  4. so. why doesn't the thing (app) respond to any adjustments (edits) i make once a tone is loaded??? this is very frustrating. It's relentlessly forcing the "Amplifi has lost data connection with Amplifi" menu AGAIN. Nick, when demoing it, was able to slow down the time sig. AND i think he was able to TUNE the song to his guitar. (a lot of teac stuff can do these things) I swear i saw him do this. but HOW? there is no menu for this stuff. Whhhhazzz Up?
  5. so, when Nick demoed the thing, he could adjust tone on the fly (I cant. adjustments don't affect tone on the fly) AND he was able to slow down the beat AND i think he was able to tune the song to his guitar. why is none of this stuff on my app? and why don't real time adjustments work???
  6. had it two weeks and so far, it's unusable. it will pair with the galaxy tab just fine, BUT then it constantly, relentlessly, forces this pop up: "Amplifi remote has lost it's data connection to the Amplifi". it's maddening. makes the thing completely useless. and the tab is no more than three feet from the amp. all software is current. WTF. this is a mess. I also can't believe there isnt a way to channel switch on the fly. that's LAME. so far very disappointed.
  7. thanks for that. helpful. in looking at how some of the sounds i liked were set up, i kinda figured out he bias stuff. i don't know what it means, but there seems to be a consensus. so, FX1 can ONLY be drive/pitch shift, but not a chorus? i'd love to have phase AND chorus options on the fly. my frustration yesterday was born of not being able to save anything to the POD. after a LOT of reading and digging, i discovered it had to be connected to a USB 2.0 port. made ALL the difference. but it's not explained well at all. i think LINE 6 Could save themselves a LOT of returns if they were clear about this very important tidbit.
  8. Just got a HD400. it's overwhelming. What is a good strategy for setting this thing up? I'm thinking just set a few core amp tones and going stomp mode? but the pre/post thing is confusing. I know it's pre or post amp, but the volume difference is crushing. my mindset would be all pre. Engineers want all post control. but i like to hear what's coming out of the amp. and can someone explain this row of master sag hum bias biasx? I get master, but bias? And the thing below it, DT class topology? ugh. i'm just a player, not a tech head. Funny, it also has all the noise that used to come outta the Marshalls.. wow Any input is greatly appreciated.
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