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  1. Hi all Is it possible to get the banjo sound on a jtv 89? I know the 89f has it, but being that the 89 is a older guitar, I want sure if you could program it in the guitar or not. Thanks for the help
  2. Hi All, I'm interested in trying the FH 1500 to use instead of my L3T and the hd500x. Does this amp change patches as quickly as the hd500x? I use this as a live ring at the moment ,but I'm thinking of trying the Firehawk 1500. Please let me know if it would be a good change. I would also get the FB3 with the amp.Thanks all in advance!
  3. Hello all, In my band we have 2 matching line6 dream rig systems. We are going to alternate playing bass and guitar during gigs. Is it possible to link both systems together without conflict. We want to have both l3t speakers responding to both guitars,but at different times. Only 6 string guitars will be played thru the speakers. But we have our own settings on our own separate hd500x's and being that we are on opposite sides of the stage,using our own rigs will be needed. But we want both l3ts to come into play no matter which player is doing the guitar parts. Thanks for the input! Tom
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