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  1. I have a Helix LT & I'm wondering if anyone has experienced setting up Songbook with Helix? If so...can the Songbook program use Midi thru Helix? Thank you, Dan
  2. VERY Cool! When alternating a tuning for each string how do you determine the string value; whether the notes are a + or a - value in the scale?
  3. I too have the same problem. And getting a code 8216.
  4. I have the same issue with my 89F Monkey 1.74 Workbench HD 2.13 all is connected & charged. Any solutions?
  5. I just made this purchase..alright! How do I put different AMP/FX effects on the Express at the same time using different pedals? When I choose a AMP/FX settings on the amp the express pedals a-d, show me the 4 effects in that category. For example: I dial Acoustic which has 4 acoustic effects from 03A - 03D. The express shows those 4 effects on pedals a-d. So how do I keep 2 acoustic settings & include 2 metal effect on pedals c & d & still keep acoustic on pedals a & b? Thanks, Dan
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