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  1. how does the same preset sound with 5 different guitars? with my beloved Line6 Helix and the trusted Line6 Shuriken Variax I used my custom preset "Kiss City" to show the differences that can be obtained simply by changing the guitar and pick up. When buying a preset it is essential to have as reference the type of guitar used to create it, in order to have an optimal result with your instrumentation
  2. Hi everyone! I am happy to inform you that my acoustic guitar presets for Helix and Helix+Variax are now available on the official Line6 Marketplace Take a look https://shop.line6.com/marketplace/akustic-preset-for-helix-variax.html
  3. Be sure you play at the right volume, it must be loud so you can't hear the sound of the unamplified strings
  4. My test with my Line6 Shuriken Variax CGCGCD tuning with capo on 2nd fret (DADADE) made with helix snapshot (the guitar is phisically in Plectrum mode EADGBE) Pros: 1 click 1 Snapshot 1 Guitar 100000 Tuning and Settings Cons: I miss the body of the acoustic guitar, the string tension is different being in standard tuning but sounding like an open tuning,natural harmonics do not sound 100% but with good technique and after a while excellent results are obtained Let me know your opinion!
  5. thank you for your comment , don't watch my videos
  6. hi thank you , i have a pair of Alto 212 Ts, before I had a marshall 9200 100 watts + a 1960 4x12 cab, i am very happy with the Alto (less weight, sounds better etc etc) my only problem is that the 212 are a little boomy, i have always to low cut from 120 hz upwards
  7. thank you for your advise, this video is only part of the test we did together with other musician friends, both in live and in studio we found minimal differences, I hope that the fact of not speaking well the English language did not create misunderstandings: in various discussions on facebook and in other groups many said they felt a huge difference, so we decided to do this test (the video is my part of thetest) other users have done other experiments (Ebtech Hum eliminator, helix + mixer, helix + transistor power amp etc etc)
  8. hi, i follow a discussion in the helix group on facebook and many friends talked about this topic, so we decided to do a test to better address the topic and try to understand if there were actually all these differences, as the video was very appreciated on the facebook group I had the pleasure to share it here and hear other opinions.
  9. thanks for your feedback, the volume is adjusted on the same level as you rightly pointed out, I did this test because I was sick of the nonsense about this :-)for me the difference is practically nothing, I use the cable that I have available without spending any more money
  10. Hi, thank you for your comment, please read the description under my youtube video, my opinion is the same as yours
  11. Thank you for your feedback. Nobody believes he is a genius. It is simply nice to be able to share content between fans and users of the same tools, being able to improve something with the advice of other people is one of the most beautiful things, thanks again for your directions. Only 13 posts, we must always start from the bottom
  12. Ciao a tutti Amici! I'm trying to improve usability and quality of my videos, free helix patches Let me know your opinion , thank you all
  13. Ciao amici, i'm trying to improveusability and quality of my video tutorials for FREE Helix and Shuriken Patches Please let me now your opinion about my Poll
  14. Hello everyone! Initially I had trouble balancing the various sounds of my beloved Shuriken, the acoustic sounded too boomy and the Strato too small, I think I found the right balance, what do you think?
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