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  1. Because so far, the Line 6 UX2/Podfarm 2 communication between interface and computer is the ONLY issue I'm having with Windows 10. I love that I have the ability to play games and record the last 30 seconds of my gameplay without having to run a separate application that has to record the whole time. Thus, causing me to have to sift through the whole video to find the small clip/clips that I wanted. I love the fast startup times, the amazing cpu threading coding that comes with DX12, allowing future games to load multiple bits of coding nearly twice as fast as DX11 without near as many crashes from too much on screen. I like Cortana surprisingly. I love how great the backwards compatibility is compared to 7 and 8. I decided to stay with Windows 10, even with the UX2 issues. I'm just having to use my headset microphone instead of my 4040. I will gladly get a new interface that actually has a real support team if Line 6 cannot fix their problems, which after the Windows 10 development kit has been available for a long time already, looks like Line 6 may, in fact, not get around to taking care of this. It'll just deter me from buying from them or recommending them to anyone in the future.
  2. I can get the UX2 to work as a playback device no problem. Just have to up it to dvd quality in the properties. However, I don't use it for playback as I have an actual soundcard for that. I just want my 4040 condenser mic to work. I hate the audio recording quality on headset mics or my webcam mic. I've used my condenser mic for years now. Yet, here we are....nearly a month later and still no fix. Hell, still no announcement about a fix. Line 6 may be working on something, or they may not...we are completely in the dark here.
  3. This works for me...........after doing it 40+ times. Like, it's completely random. You don't even have to change the USB port. Follow these steps and it will always work for everyone. 1.Remove the device. 2.Unplug Device from USB. 3.Replug device into the same USB. 4.Open Podfarm 2. 5.Check Microsoft sound tab for green bars. 6.No green bars? Repeat Steps 1-5 over and over and over and over and over again and you will get it to work randomly at around 40+ attempts. No kidding, it usually works for me around attempt numbers 70-90. I've gone to 130 once, and I've gotten it to work after 3 once as well. Completely random.
  4. Yes, because a driver from 2013 with Windows 10 slapped on it is clearly Microsoft's fault. Also, a service pack in less than 2 weeks is a good thing. That's due to more people using Windows 10 allowing them to find more bugs to fix quicker. Usually you would have a very small amount of people upgrading to a new OS before a service pack. That means less people to find less bugs, causing more time to fix all the bugs and release a service pack. With Windows 10 being free, more people opted in, allowing more eyes to see more problems. So Windows 10 being free has done exactly what they wanted it to do so far. Also, when a company fixes any bugs within 2 weeks of release, that just shows they are on top of things and want to get everything ironed out. So that is actually a very good thing.
  5. I agree, for a company of their size, I would assume they had the money to hire some sort of community manager for their website. I am most certainly not purchasing any hardware from them in the future. Whenever I decide to upgrade, it will be from a different company. I'm also not going to recommend their products to anyone in the future as well, simply due to the terrible communication they have with their customers. It doesn't really matter to them, they will still have people purchase their product, especially the less tech savvy people, or the garage band teenagers who saw line 6 equipment in a music video.
  6. Still should have been looked over by someone before putting it up. It would prevent a lot of people, like me, from using it as ammo against them in tossing blame.
  7. I love how Line 6 just tacked on the Windows 10 to the super old driver from 2013. That's just lazy. I have found that if I go to my devices and printers menu and click "remove this device" and replug it in, over and over and over and over and over again(no seriously, like 40 times of unplugging and replugging it in) the mic will start to show up on the windows recording tab. I received my Line 6 UX2 via a stream donation. I love the hardware. It is simply outstanding for it's price. The software and the support are the absolute worst in any and all types of musical/vocal/etc... equipment i've ever dealt with in my life. That is saying something as I have grown up around and with bands using multiple different equipment. Line 6 Hardware is awesome. Line 6 Software and Support is terrible.
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