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  1. Damn :( So I won't be able to use the tones I've made at all? Oh well, I suppose I can make some new ones, which will be fun but it's kinda disappointing
  2. Hey guys I'm having trouble with my Pocket POD that I bought today, I plugged it in to my computer, and downloaded the Vyzex Pocket POD editor software. The Pocket POD has the Flash Memory update installed. The problem comes when I want to import my tones that I have made using POD Farm. I have POD Farm 2 if it's relevant. But when I try to import my tones I get one of two errors, either: - The tone does not have any valid POD Farm 2 data - The tone file does not contain and valid Tone data Obviously the wording of the errors is slightly different, but that's the idea of these errors, and for one error I found that there was a patch released to fix the issue from the second error listed, but the link to this patch is no longer working, as it's from 2009 at some point. Can anyone help? EDIT: Forgot to mention, the Pocket POD was purchased as used, and did not come with its serial number. Waiting to hear back from the seller in an attempt to get the serial number from them.
  3. Thank you so much for the help I think now I know enough to get something sorted I'll experiment and see what works best for me Again, thank you.
  4. By "direct" you mean a DI unit? Sorry if sounding stupid, just trying to avoid any confusion here. Would that be 100% necessary? The only output on the Pod GX is a 1/8 audio output, which I plug speakers into, so the setup you're speaking of I would get an AUX cable or something, put a 1/4 adapter on that, into the DI, and just from that to PA, correct? Thanks for the quick reply too (: ALSO; The place we practice at provides a head with the cab, forgot to mention. It wouldn't sound right going into the cab, so how about going into the head, to the cab, with the head/cab simulation removed from the tone in pod farm? (If that could be used at all, very new to Line 6 equipment and such)
  5. Potentially a really stupid question, but I need to ask no matter how stupid it sounds. Is there a way to connect a Pod GX (yes I know it's for studio recording) to a cab or PA system? I'm looking for a short term solution for effects just for practices. Band wants to practice together, and I wasn't expecting it so soon, so I don't currently have a multi fx or anything until I can get one. Is there a way to do this that will get good sound? Thanks
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