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  1. All right thanks for everything everyone. i'll get right to it once this week ends. Anywho Radatats, before even buying the unit, my intentions were to hook it up to studio monitors, just that i don't have the money for it. Once i save up i'll switch.
  2. So, Radatats, what quality stereo adapter cable would you recommend, can you post a link of a good one? now, this method of connecting, when you said the Pod's L R outputs, which were you referring too may you specify. Also what kinds of cables should i use? instrument cables? speaker cables? if so, does gauge matter for speaker cables? i really don't want to fry anything. And should this method be made permanent? or when i can, do you recommend getting a power amp anyways so as Cruisinon2 mentioned obtaining a dedicated power amp, or my amp head will do just fine? In case you guys needed to know. I plan to just record at home, play at home, and if the opportunity presents itself I would be keen to play live. also will this method use the POD to its full capabilities?
  3. I've recently bought the line 6 pod HD PRO x rackmount processor. I have no knowledge what so ever in hooking this up. I have a Mac and a Windows computer available. Gear: line 6 spider iv HD 150 amp head, 100w crate cab, FBV mkii express pedal. Three instrument cables available, and two speaker cables. I've been searching the web for solutions but nothing has helped me. How can I hook this up, ready to use? Many people have used the 4 cable method; however it doesn't apply to me since my amp has no effects loop, amp head only has L R speaker outs, and a direct/phones Jack. I'm looking to get sound out of my cab, hoping that the processor reads my amp head only as a power amp. I went to samash and guitar center to inquire, the only solution I got was to guitar>Pro x in>unbalanced L>amp head in. I got around however the knobs on the processor AND the amp head were operational, I'm assuming the processor reads the amp head as another pre amp, I don't want this. The sound I get is low, and I have to raise the volume for each and every preset on processor because they all have different volume levels,one preset is much louder than another preset. I feel like this method is not really reliable, I have no idea what to do.
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