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  1. Hi Phil, apologies, misunderstood. Cable wise, going from instrument into input 1, send 1 to front of amp, amp fx send into HX return, HX output 1 into amp fx return. RD2RK, thanks for reply. Yes, there is a loop block towards the end of the chain, before the modulation i wanted in the loop..
  2. Hi Phil, thanks for replying. I'm not trying to control the on board distortion in the amp from the HX effects at all. It has it's own footswitch and footswitch in on the amp, which is where i'm trying to control it from. All effects on the HX are working fine, the effects loop works for the effects in the loop, but for some reason it stops the amp's own footswitch from being effective...
  3. Hi, wondered if anyone had any suggestions. So I'm using the HX effects for bass into a Darkglass Vintage Microtubes 500 amp. The amp has an intelligent footswitch for going between clean, vintage microtubes circuit, B3K circuit, and mute (4 buttons). When trying to use an effects loop on the HX effects through the loop send/return on the amp, it is bypassing the footswitch somehow, so I can't change between the onboard distortions or mute the amp. This doesn't happen with 2 cable method (no loop) and didn't happen using individual effects in the loop... any ideas?
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