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  1. Thanks...I have since purchased a Taylor 314ce and have played through the Spiders 1/4 aux jack and works fine. Another kijiji buy was a zoom G1Xon effects pedal for the acoustic. Some different effects than the Spider at a touch with finger or toe. Saves bending over and running through the effects on the amp. Love the Taylor by the way...... Cheers DuFf
  2. I am buying an acoustic guitar with pickups ( Martin or Taylor ) ...undecided. If I want to play it plugged in. I have been told I have to have an acoustic amp I have a Spider Jam, does anyone use a line 6 amp with an acoustic guitar? I have read the guitar will sound better with the acoustic amp but a regular amp will "work" I have also read if the guitar is plugged through a PA or unmodified amp it works best tone wise. I wonder if the acoustic could be plugged through the Mic jack on the Spider Jam to achieve this any ideas? Thanks DuFf
  3. Considering a recording device and wondered the compatability to use with the Spider Jam and a samsung tablet. Best way to set up? Thanks ....newbie
  4. I agree it is pretty cool as a use alone, but I don't know if it is compatable.
  5. I have the Jam 75 and am looking at a Boss BR80 as a small recording accessory . Can you easily use this with the Jam as I heve the FVB Express footpedal as well. Just wondering about compatability. Cheers http://www.bossus.com/products/micro_br_br-80/
  6. Hey............Line 6 support..................you are not listening.... I am surprised by the lack of support I have seen here on this site disappointed really.............great product but little interest it seems of answering questions and solving problems after sale.
  7. I feel sorry for Edgar.................but arislaf........that was pretty funny.
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