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  1. I know this is a little different than what your looking for, but I'm thinking of going this route for a few reasons. 1. good heavy duty case and board. 2. Allows me to velcro attach the 500 so it doesn't bounce around in the case. 3. Pedal board allows enough room for an additional expression pedal or tuner, if needed later down the road. 4. Case has storage for cables and such things. 5 Case has wheels to allow you to pull it like luggage through an airport. Not a bad deal for the money, a friend of mine has one and it nice. http://www.odysseygear.com/odyssey-products/fzgpedal32w.html
  2. For nearly 15 years I owned an A circuit sound company and also FOH engineer, running large Midas consoles. You are correct in what you have found, I always tried to stay away from hard panning a dual input signal just because of what you have found, panning anything hard left and right always took some of the body from the signal. I never panned anything more than 3 and 9 oclock. This helps recover most of the body of the signal and still allows a little extra separation in the mains. It also helps retain the left and right panned signal to the left and right mains allowing all the audiance hear both signals, without listeneing to only part of the signal stage left or right. Hope I explained this weel enough so you understand. In other words, in a live situation, no matter FOH or guitar, there is no way to achieve a totally pure stereo sound all over the venue, so why try! Experiment: Take a nice stereo recorded song and listen with stereo head phones, now take the phones off and listen with you normal speakers and walk from one side of the room to the other, unless your in a very small room, every time you move hard left or right you loose part of the stereo effect along with part of the music. In a recording environment this really doesn't apply, until the music is played back.
  3. Thanks to all that have replied, all your comments and help is greatly appreciated. I ask that one of you try this, so I can nail this down once and for all, and figure out if my unit has issues. Anyone that has the 500x or I guess 500 connected to a guitar amp. Try this and let me know what you find.. disconnect the 500 from the signal chain. run guitar directly into your amp and pay attention to the sound. Now add the 500 to the signal chain, 4 cable, straight in the front of the amp etc. I don't think it matters Now go to a blank patch, how does it sound compared to no 500 in the path. Please let me know what you find.. Is there a slight change in tone? Is there no change at all? is the tone change drastic?
  4. Yeah I just sat back and thought about this, right now when I'm on a blank patch the amp sounds like crap (See above) and at least 30 or 40% loss in volume, but all the factory and my patches sound really good, of course some better than others, but most are usable and my patches are really close to what I was striving for. So now if I use the amps tone stack, from where it sound great with no 500 conected and I tweek them and the 3 band eq in the utilities page to recover the loss of tone of the amp that means that everything including my custom patches are gonna sound like crap. Surely I must have a malfunctioning unit to have to do all this to confensate for the loss of tone with the 500x connected. This can't be right or is it? I know a lot of BOSS Multiprocessors suck a lot of tone, I never experience this with line 6, been a line 6 user for years and always keep using there stuff because of it's tranparancy. Does this mean the 500x has started a new trend or am I correct in thinking my unit has issues. This is what I need to nail down, while I can still exchange it.
  5. Thanks, I have changed these setting many times, but forgot about the eq part, possibly could use some tweeking, I'll give it a try. If I remeber correctly the eq in this section is global which means I'll have to go back and adjust all 25 of my custom patches to compensate. This is gonna su*k!
  6. Thanks for your help concerning the bundle. Yeah I had a ground loop issue, I had a real bad time with my amp, I had to buy a voltage regulator/line conditioner and that solved the amp issue, My house is over a hundred years old and although all the electrical has been upgraded it still has some issues. Yeah tried the ground lift switch on the 500 and it made it worse, it doesn't sound like a ground loop issue with the 500 sounds more like didgital hum coming from the unit, it's not 60 cycle hum. Well I still have a couple weeks left before I run out of return policy. Gonna try a few more things, I'm going to use Monkey and try to revert all the way back to the original firmware and then start over, ROMs can get corrupted and sometimes you have to clear all the corrupted stuff in there to correct an issue. I really hate to send things back mailorder, you sometimes end up with worse than you had.
  7. I have tried all modes, plus the switches on the 500 itself. I can get some really nice patches with the system, but when it comes to using my amps tone and dinamics it just isn't there at all. I have tried all of guitar input signal chain, guitar and same, guitar and guitar, guitar + variax etc., and every cable mode known and they all suck tone drastically. Changed the what is it the Z settings to get rid of the brightness, something to do with the imput impedance if I remember correctly. Directly in to the effects return, sound too electronic/solidstate to me. 500 into the effects loop, guitar into the front of the amp, too much noise. 4 cable method, too much hum. direct;y into the front of the amp, I like it, but can't use my amps natural tone at all. I'm not trying to bash the 500x, I actually like it, but didn't notice until the last few days how much of an inpact it has on the natural tone of the amp, when trying to use the amp and enhance the tone with the 500x. I'm just wondering if my unit has issues. Some things I have noticed that I haven't really figured out one way or another. 1. Sometimes after editing a patch through USB, the volume seems to jump up in volume for no reason, rarely, but it happens. 2. Expression pedal won't calibrate to zero on heel, I have to cheat the pedal forward a little bit to get the pedal to properly calibrate. 3. Controlls on 500x Drive, Volume, treble mids etc, sometimes have no effect on patch at all. 4. When trying to balance patches some are loud as H*ll and some are very low in volume even after balancing them, with computer through usb, Yes I save setting before moving on to the next patch. 5. After I originally upgraded the firmware, all patches sounded like a hollow body guitar made from metal, buzzz and sizzle, took reloading the firms ware 3 times and wasn't staightened out until I did multiple hard resets on the unit. Question: when working in the edit software, when you select save bundle does this save all patches or just the setlist your working in? I beginning to wonder if my unit has issues.
  8. Thank you for the response, but I don't see how the 4 cable method can help with the issue I'm having. Anytime you introduce the HD500x into the signal chain on a blank patch it degrades the tone of my amp drastically. That tells me I am not getting a pure path from my guitar to amp with the 500 in the chain, know matter how it's connected. This tells me that my 500x either has an issue or a blank patch has a lot of buffering and signal degrigation going on and requires tones of eqing to bring the tone back. Im not looking for true bypass, I just don't see why the system would make such a drastic change in tone on a blank patch. Like I said without the 500x in the signal chain the amp is very musical and round sounding, with the 500x in the chain it sounds like a speaker in a cardboard box with a wet blanket over it, terrible sounding, very boxey, and honky mids and just dead sounding, not musical at all.
  9. Hello, I have had my HD500x for a few weeks now, and have found some real cool features and sounds to use. But I do like the sound of my amp and would like to set up a couple patches that uses my amps tone and enhance it with the 500. Here is my problem, I have tried many different configurations of connecting the 500 to my amp and like running it into the front of the amp best. I set my amp clean on channel one with a little dirt on channel two, when I connect the 500 to my amp via the left mono output and my guitar into the guitar in and a blank patch my tone is totally lost and sounds like it has a blanket over it, and a big loss in volume. I have also tried using it in the effects loop of the amp and it adds to much hum. I would have thought that when using a blank patch that there would be little or no coloring of tone but I was wrong, so am I doing something wrong or is this the nature of the beast. I have tried a blank patch with an eq to bring my tone back but the more a tweak the eq the more noise it seems to add. I have tried all the eq's in the list, and I guess if I spent many hours tweaking the eq I could get close, but should I have to do this just to retreve the tone I loose by connecting the unit. Any suggestions?
  10. Tried your suggestions, but backwards, nothing seemed to work. Resetting the system back to Factory settings and starting over is what did the trick. I now how a good sound started and am building on that. I think when I originally did the firmware upgrade something didn't load correctly and re-installing the firmware fixed it. Thank you for your help, greatly appreciated.
  11. Hello, Searched and search and could find the answer. From what I understand there are two main settings for the HD500x Pedalboard mode or preset mode. Where do you change these settings at?
  12. Hello, I recently purchased a 500x and I'm having an issue getting more that an extremely brash and harsh/very bright tone from it. I have tried the following: 1. 4 cable method - too much hum 2. Directly into the return of the amp, harsh and very little control over volume levels 3. Direct into the front of the amp on the clean channel, sounds better, but with the amps treble and mids nearly off still too bright and tinny. Things I have tried, utilities setup, changed different inputs from combo amp, to combo stack and so on. The studio direct setting running directly into the front of the amp seems to sound the best, but still sound way to bright and cheesy. Even most of the factory presets sound wierd and have no tone, like playing a guitar made from metal, buzzy, fuzzy and metallic sounding, no good at all. Can someone help me what am I doing wrong? Equipment Les Paul with 57 classic neck, 57 classic plus bridge Marshall DSL40C Guitar into guitar in on 500x Left mono out to amp
  13. Thank you this worked, although I had to cheat the expression pedal calibration. Every time I calibrated the pedal it would max heel at 25 and not zero, finally I set the pedal about a 1/4" off total heel and that worked. Not sure why this did this, but it seems to work ok, but there may be an issue with it. Thanks again
  14. I did that, but notice a lot of thing didn't change, like all my thrown together experiment patches are still there and some of the utilities settings didn't change. Is there a step I'm missing, something more than just re-installing the firmware and then powering down for at least 5 seconds?
  15. Hello, Just recently picked up a new 500x. During the first few days of messing with it and searching for a tone I changed a lot of perimeters during the learning curve. Now that I have some things figured out, I would like to reset the unit back to exactly how it came out of the box, all settings. How do you do this? Thanks for the help!
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