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  1. Just to add to this post I'm getting no joy with Line 6 Monkey and Windows 10. Just hangs for a while on start finally opens but does not connect to my Pod HD500, JTV59 or Guitar port. Says it can't connect to the server but I am able to log in.... Have reinstalled monkey and drivers but still no luck as yet. Read a few posts about changing sound card parameters but all have been to no avail. This is just for everybody's info really, as I agree we will have to wait it out for a Line 6 update.
  2. Anybody having problems seeing the Customtone web page on an ipad. Web page is cut short on the right hand edge and unable to scroll left or right to view, also the home page for Customtone used to have a list of my uploaded tones now it's no more. Checked on my windows 7 machine and missing from there too but able to see the whole web page for Customtone. The Line6 website since the update seems too be full of glitches.
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