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  1. Thank you for your response. I am a beginner guitarist and harp player, but maybe I will have the opportunity to perform live in the future. In the past, it happened twice. So I decided to purchase POD HD500x. To play the harmonica I also use Shure Green Bullet 520DX which will certainly sounded great on the HD500X. Thank you for your advice and best regards, Michael
  2. Can I plug a harmonica microphone to the XLR input in POD HD Desktop ? Should I use DI-BOX to change ¼†to XLR ?
  3. I need a solution that brings together the microphone harmonica and electric guitar into one amp with the ability to define different effects for each instrument. I'm using the FLEX RACK AMPLIFIED HARMONICA HOLDER (HI-Z NOS Crystal microphone) with a 1/4-inch input, and my guitar is a Gibson SGJ. Can I do this using the POD HD Desktop or POD HD 500X?
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