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  1. Thanks :). I tried the update... It lit up like it was doing it... Seemed to be working BUT when it was done, it just stayed in Flash Update Mode.... I'm going to try it with just a midi cable going out from the interface and in to the M13... Some posts suggested that helps. I bought the unit last year from Sweetwater and i just got too busy to deal with it... and started borrowing a bandmates mutli effects pedal to tide me over. I doubt i can exchange it at this point... It's my bad for waiting so damn long... I just didn't think it wouldn't work! I may have to call them or call Line 6 because this is just ridiculously frustrating.... Holding down the buttons suggested for the reset don't help either, unless they are incorrect.. ?
  2. My M13 is straight out of the box and when i plug it in and turn it on it says "Flash Update Mode... awaiting command" The FX3 and FX4 don't light up... I tried doing afactory reset, but because FX4 isn't on, i can't get it to do it. Creepiest thing was after giving up because i didn't have time to deal with it for a few weeks, I take it out today and it magically all turns on! Everything is working! All 4 EFX, i'm playing around with the various settings... I take it to band practice and BAM... back to the way it was... "FLash Update Mode" I'm really frustrated. All the feeds i've come across aren't helping me and I don't know what fluke made it work briefly earlier today, but it's stuck. I've never hooked it up to midi/interface for updates... It's out of the box! I believe it said version 2.01... maybe it was 2.04. Thanks!
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