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  1. At some point in December I started fooling around with a 500X and found it to work fine in all ways. Recently a DT25 was added and it and the 500x work together in a profound way. None of the problems that I've read about here have been experienced. I am very pleased with the rig. It is great live as well as recording. Now I am considering another DT25 to make my rig stereo. This is a great site by the way.
  2. Hi Martin and thanks for replying. Yes you have a good point and I have considered that aspect. The last time I was performing a lot my stereo rig consisted of an AC30 and a Matchless running stereo. It was an awesome big tone. In my case with blues jr and dt25 my rig would not be true stereo. The best set up would be setting up the dt 25 via line 6 link from 500x and then sending the blues jr the 1/4 inch out puts y/ed to the mono input. With that set up the dt25 would be used as intended and the BJ running clean could be blended to give me a nice fat overall tone. I have never heard the Dt 25 but from what I have read it sounds like something that would work for me. What do you think?
  3. Hello, new to site and Line 6. I recently bought a 500x and Blues Jr with intentions of using for jamming with friends and occasional gigs. I have modded and changed speaker in Blues Jr and it now sounds pristine. Now I'm thinking about adding a DT 25 with the intent of using all of this as a stereo rig. Any input appreciated!
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