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  1. I've had my DT50 212 for several years now and bought it because I liked playing straight into the amp just me and my guitar using just Voicing 4 with the gain control. Later I bought a POD 400 and found it too damn complicated and didn't like the popping sound when changing to different modes/effects. Everyone I talked to said to try the POD 500 it's better and less headaches, so I waited for a used POD 500 to show up on eBay. While I contemplated buying a used POD 500, Line 6 announced the Helix system would soon be available but expensive. So I thought why not just get a pedal board setup and that's exactly what I did. I really like my customized pedal setup but I'm a little disappointed that my "boutique" amp isn't very compatible with "non-Line 6" external effects. I mean the way my DT and pedals are now, it's OK but I think I need an amp with no Voicing period, because the Voicing choices are definitely altering the signal coming from the pedal board. Maybe I'm over thinking this, but I'm leaning toward getting a "non boutique" amp having just Presence and Reverb as the only built-in effects and if it has a Master Volume or Gain that will be just fine. Anybody out there having any similiar experiences?
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