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  1. Unfortunately, none of the replies from that thread really addressed how to get more monitor lines out. Line 6 specialist said that the Line 6 Link doesn't help, either.
  2. Our band has grown from 4 to 6, making the 4 monitor channels from the M20d less than ideal. We use in-ear monitors, and doubling up performers on monitor lines is just not working. We have a second M20d that got some water damage in one input, causing the prior guitar player/manager to get another one. I was wondering if it is possible to get four more monitor lines by splitting the input lines from the mics/instruments to each mixer, using only one mixer for the output to the mains. Each mixer would need its own WiFi unit, and the individual band member's ipad would only control the monitor lines on which he/she was on. Am I missing anything (besides splitting with $$ for a bigger system), or is there another way of dealing with this?
  3. Not sure if this has been covered elsewhere, but does the current iPad app work with iOS 8.0? If not, I'm not about to upgrade- this app is too important!
  4. Success!!!! I did it as was recommended. Factory reset Router, powered on and connected to the M20-d (via an LAN port on the router) with an Apple ethernet to USB adapter; iPad snagged the network, logged on with the router's password, and the iPad app hooked up faster than with a dongle. The Belkin router gives several different networks to hook up to; the network named " _ _ _" is the 5 Ghz network; the one without the ".media" is the 2.4/5 Ghz network. You really don't have to do anything more than that for set-up. Digital-sound had made the recommendation to change the password on the router; the Belkin unit comes with an 8-digit alphanumeric password already assigned (unlike the "0000" assigned to some routers), so resetting the password is needed only for convenience, and can be done with an iPad. The 5 Ghz capability I think will be important, as I've got a Line 6 G30 on the way; hopefully it will cut down on the frequency of app, dongle and sometimes, iPad reboots needed during a gig. It seems that there should be more thorough, less ambiguous and yes, less incorrect info on the Line 6 website (".. just use a dongle to hookup the M20-d..." from the set up video). for those of us who find it less than intuitive. Thank goodness for all your help here!
  5. Doh!! Obviously, NOT a stupid question, as I had the M20-d connected to the modem port......... I will sure give it a shot, and report back. So is there really any set up of the modem other than connecting things (correctly, that is)?
  6. Yep. The M20-d and iPad connect fine with the Samsung dongle that I'm trying to avoid using because of wireless unit interference.
  7. Sorry to be a persistant pest, but I'm still not connecting through my Belkin router/Apple ethernet-USB adapter. After reinitializing the router and connecting it to the M20-d, the iPad can connect to the router; the M20-d says it is trying to connect, but never gets there. I get the same response whether I use the 5Ghz band alone or the 2.4/5 Ghz route. Was there any sort of initial set-up of the router via the iPad that I needed to do? Thanks again.
  8. When you say reinitialize the router, I take it that's the looong press on the reset button. After hooking it up to the M20-d, how much set-up is there? Can it be done with an iPad, and is it through the Stagescape app?
  9. OK, so I got the Belkin N-600 router, did the initial set-up on my PC, then hooked it up to the M20-d with the Apple ethernet-USB adapter. The M20-d says it's looking for a connection, but doesn't find it. The iPad sees the router network (which i've limited to 5 Ghz only) and lets me sign on, but no joy in getting the M20-d and the router to talk to each other. Is there a setting on the M20-d that I need to adjust to get the 5 Ghz network, to avoid any interference from the 2.4 Ghz wireless units (including a Line 6 G30 that I have coming) that we have? Any help is much appreciated.
  10. Does the Belkin unit need to be set up with a PC or Mac prior to hooking it up with the MD20-d, or can it be set up through the iPad? Appreciate your patience with my questions.
  11. Thanks- that's pretty much what I thought. Elevating the dongle doesn't seem a possibility in some of the venues we play, so I think it best just to cut to the chase and get the Belkin N600. In that case, is the Ethernet-to-USB adapter choice that critical to have to use the Apple model, or as Digital-sound has discovered, the Moshi model?
  12. We've got a M20-d and it is a game changer. My only significant problem has been with frequent drop-out/disconnects with the iPad(s) we're using; the connection with the iPads will just go away, necessitating shut-downs/re-boots of the wi-fi and/or ipads to get it to work again. We are using the Samsung WIS12ABGNX dongle. After reviewing multiple threads here, I'm thinking that we are probably getting interference from any of the multiple wireless units that are also at play- mics (one of which I believe runs at 2.4 GHz), IEM's, guitar/bass. Would changing over to a router, either the Apple Airport Express or Belkiin N600, make a difference? Does the Belkin unit (or any other compatable units) allow isolation to only 5 GHz? Or would simply keeping the other wireless units farther away from the M20-d help the situation? It's the only aspect that drives the sound guy crazy....Thanks in advance for your help.
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