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  1. Hey all, I'm wanting to use the Stomp as a simple multi effects unit, I don't need the amp/cab sims right at this moment, I just want to be able to dump a few pedals off of my board. I'm using a Boss effects switcher(I have an ES-5 and an ES-8)and I read somewhere that using the Stomp through a loop switcher was a tone wrecker. Is this true? If I can't run it through a loop on my ES-5, and switch that loop off without it killing my tone, I may have to look elsewhere. I love the form factor and I've heard the sounds are great, but this could be a dealbreaker for me. Any insight would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks much, guys! I really appreciate the help. This makes me very happy...
  3. Hey all, I play bass in a 4-piece band(bass/drums/guitar/vocalist). I recently switched to a 2 pedal/2 amp "Royal Blood"-type setup. This allows me to play bass and "rhythm guitar" parts simultaneously. The band likes it, and it really fills out the sound when my guitar player goes into solos. Now, we're seriously considering going ampless and I'm trying to figure out if I can achieve something similar with the Helix,without having to buy two, which I can't do. In other words, can the Helix create two separate, distinct signals simultaneously and route them to separate outputs? I'm fairly certain that I already know the answer, but I wanted to ask you guys that know and use them if this is possible. Thanks much!
  4. This looks to be it...
  5. My Helix is "out for delivery"! I ordered it from Sweetwater in July and my rep called me yesterday. I live in IN, so FedEx ground means next day for me. So, I have the day off and I'm just gonna chill and wait...
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