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  1. Hello all, I am having major issues with my Line 6 Relay G55 unit during live performances. On multiple occasions throughout my set (usually anything upwards from 2 hours) I will lose sound from my guitar completely for what is probably a split second (but feels like an hour when I am mid solo). It just cuts out. I have tried different cables from the Transmitter to my guitar and this makes no difference at all. My transmitter is always in my back pocket and I never have a mobile phone anywhere near me onstage. The receiver is usually at my feet by my pedal board (this is the third pedal board I have used with the G55 and the same problem occurs regardless of which one I am using) and I am never really too far away from it... 10 feet is probably the maximum I am likely to move away from it. Someone once told me the problem could be with the TBP12 Transmitter... something to do with certain batteries not fitting in it correctly and wobbling about to cause a momentary loss of signal. If this is the case, what batteries am I supposed to use or how do I get around this? I gig for a living and this issue is something I need to resolve asap. Many thanks to anyone that can help. Not sure if this is relevant or not... but I am from the UK if that helps in identifying battery or power issues. Thank you, Mark
  2. Hey, I've recently started using the Line 6 Pod HD500X. I am starting to create a set list for a live show I do but am struggling with the wah effect. Basically I want it set up so that I can turn the wah on or off using the expression pedal. However, when I load up the wah effect in the editor on my computer it automatically assigns the wah effect to one of the stomp pedals. Theirs means I have to have the effect on constantly so when I'm not using the expression pedal I still have a cocked wah sound. The expression pedal still works and I can turn that on or off by pushing it down extra hard... But once it's turned off I then have to press a stomp pedal to turn the whole effect of. Is there a way I can just use the wah to turn the effect on and completely off or do I have to continue jumping across the pedal board to turn the stomp effect off? Thanks
  3. Hey! I've just started using the line 6 pod hd500x and need to recreate richie sambora of Bon Jovi's live tone for my Bon Jovi tribute band. Does anybody have any really good sambora settings? Or tips?
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