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  1. Same issue as the original post, but I'm getting the errors on a macOS High Sierra installation.
  2. I most certainly appreciate the tips. I have checked the USB cable with a few other devices -- seems fine. While I don't have an abundance of USB ports on the Mac Pro, I did swap ports on the computer. No real difference, but I think that's a good thing. Tonight when I get back to my studio, I'll try to edit the patches without touching *ANYTHING*, although I have to admit that not being able to crank on the pedal to test wah-wah sounds is going to make the process of editing patches a lot more time consuming and frustrating. I suppose one must do what one must do. Thanks again.
  3. Apologies! For some reason I had merged the two editors into one in my mind. You are absolutely right that it is the POD HD Pro Edit software. Typo and brainfart. Thanks for catching that! :-)
  4. Greetings, While working on some new patches on my POD HD Pro this weekend, I became very frustrated and my productivity was derailed by a consistent bugginess in the editor that would result in the patch sounding as-intended while I was connected to the editor, but after sending my patch for storage on the POD and shutting down the editor, the patch was corrupted and sounded totally different. All of the selected effects, amp model, their respective settings were correct on the POD's on-device display, but manipulating the patches on the POD or with the FloorBoard resulted in the patches not behaving as expected (e.g., the wah-wah effect was clearly in the chain and clearly switched on, but the pedal had no effect at all on the sound, even though in the control mappings, moving the pedal was clearly changing the position values). I ended up rebooting the POD, and the effects started working more predictably, but the amp sound was very very wrong. Attempting to fix things with the editor just resulted in the same buggy behavior all over again. I am using the most up-to-date HD Edit software and my POD Pro HD has the latest firmware, as verified by Line 6 Monkey. Is there any specific things I can do to help troubleshoot this issue or provide you with diagnostics? Cheers, Chris Stark
  5. Greetings, I am currently using 1920x1080 resolution monitors on my Mac Pro (where I run the POD HD Pro Edit editor). Unless I am sitting with my face only 18-24" from the screen, it is very difficult to read the editor interface -- and it's hard to sit that close with a guitar in-hand. Because the editor is a fixed resolution, I also worry that when I upgrade my aging Mac Pro to a new 5K Retina iMac, I won't be able to see the editor without a magnifying glass. Could you please consider updating the editor so that it can be maximized to full screen -- and thus comfortably readable from a bit further away from the monitor? Much appreciated! Chris Stark Edit: I meant the POD Pro HD Edit software, and not Vyzex. Apologies! Moderators: please move this post as appropriate. I was confusing Vyzex with the POD HD Pro Edit software.
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