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  1. Been struggling with a similar issue for a couple of days. Turns out the issue was the Helix global settings -> USB in 1/2 destination. Had it set to XLR, but nothing connected to the XLR outputs. Changed it to multi and I started hearing output in my headphones.
  2. Agreed. The lack of Linux support is disappointing. I'm really enjoying my Helix. It's a huge step up from the HD500. I got excited when I read that the Helix would be USB 2.0 class compliant. Unfortunately, under Ubuntu Studio it appears as a USB device but that's all. It's not seen by ALSA and Jack fails to connect. I don't mind booting into Windows to use the Helix Edit app, but come on Line 6, I'd really like to record direct from the Helix in Ubuntu. At present, I have to run the S/PDIF output into my existing USB 1.0 compliant sound card. I can understand that Linux is not a priority. If that's the case, how about providing the open source community with the information required to write our own driver?
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